Loyalty Solutions

loyaltyPinnacle’s Loyalty is a complete suite of consumer focused tools to make average customers good and good customers better. Not just an after the fact discount program, Pinnacle’s Loyalty suite has a combination of features that will appeal to the majority of your customers. With a common database at the home office and complete real-time integration with the POS, customers can take advantage of your loyalty programs’ benefits, regardless of which store they shop. Combine any and all loyalty programs onto the same loyalty card; one card, many benefits. Pinnacle Loyalty will take your marketing to a new level, and is proven to put more money on your bottom line.  Quickly and instantly enroll Loyalty customers at the store level using Pinnacle’s new Loyalty Signup Service, with the scan of a driver’s license or with manual cashier entry of their information.

Instant Rewards– Improve customer visit frequency and spend amounts by evaluating spending habits, then build new programs to get them back sooner and spending more. Real-time rewards provide gratification that your customers demand; as soon as they qualify, they receive rewards on the spot. Whether it’s a basic punch card program or a complex program that only offers rewards after multiple purchase visits, Pinnacle’s instant rewards loyalty program supports the simplest or most advanced promotion strategies you can imagine: affinity programs, buy x – get y, dispenser rollback, dollar(s) off, and more. Consumers have access to balance and purchase history online.

Pump Authorization– There’s nothing less convenient than requiring cash paying customers to come into the store twice to purchase fuel, but fluctuating fuel prices and local laws may require pre-pay only dispensers. Don’t drive your cash paying customers to the competition; enable those customers with a card that will allow them to arm a dispenser, then post-pay. Their LoyalPass card is tied to a driver’s license or some other form of identification, and if ever there is a drive-off or other issue, the card can be automatically shut off. Restore convenience, maintain the ability to track fuel theft issues, and provide consumers access to purchase history and account information online.

Self-Hosted Pre-Paid– Sell and support your own custom branded pre-paid service. Why let a third party manage that money? You control the dollars, and by hosting your own service, you pay zero transaction fees. Consumers have access to purchase history and balance information online, and you get an additional advantage of knowing what and where these customers are purchasing.

ACH Payments– Available through traditional card-based or mobile applications on the iOS or Android platforms. Combine today’s credit card fees with volatile fuel prices and you have a recipe for little to no fuel profits. Eliminate the credit card fee portion of the transaction by arming your customers with a card that is tied to their bank account, and your fee to process the transaction drops to as low as 15 cents per transaction. You can offer 2, 3, or even 5 cents per gallon discounts for customers who use their LoyalDebit card instead of a traditional credit card and still end up making more money on the transaction; you win and your customers win.